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NCache is now in nginx core , you can use it as nginx proxy cache. see here

NCache is out of maintaince from 2009.1.1

What is ncache?

a web cache system base on nginx web server. faster and more efficient than squid.

we have published a release version 2.3 on 32-bit linux and a release version 3.1_64 on 64-bit linux now, you can see the change log here

if you want to improve your ncache performance (32-bit) please see this wiki paper: AdviceIOPerfomance

and we will maintain it be fresh.

you can also visit here by or

and left your message here

there is also have some BUGS, so if you find it please tell us, thanks alot.


  • The large storage can save over 30,000,000 caches
  • The self sort share memory hash index
  • Base on the fastest web server framework : nginx
  • The high throughput and high concurrent volume of the cache request
  • Without http headers cache
  • Low cpu cost and low iowait
  • Memory cache the hottest data by MMAP like "varnish"
  • Texturixer storage system
  • Auto delete cache file when it is cold

How to use?

You can see it on the wiki paper HowToNcacheV2 and HowToNcacheV3.

Problem yet~

  • only support on linux 2.6 up (64-bit can support freebsd).
  • do not have enough information about the Run-time statistics

The ncache Subversion repository is available

Domain Expiration

  • The domain expired in 2013 and was picked up at the godaddy auctions and the content was reset to point to the ncache project hosted on
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